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New Jersey

It's been a while here now. I have so many things going on right now.. Didn't have a time to update my blog.

Well the beginning wasn't easy here. First 4 days I spent in Trenton in Daniel's house (Daniel is a Hungarian intern in TerraCycle from the same program). He lives in a pretty nice house. He just went back home for couple of days so I stayed in his room. Those days I felt kind of lonely there... even started to feel homesick (for a while though :)) Daniel has a bike so I used it to go to the grocery store (took me 20 minutes) The public transport is really crappy here (sorry for the rudeness is just any other word doesn't describe the situation). Daniel goes to work by bike and it also takes him 20 min. Don't want to scare you guys but Trenton is a dangerous city.... especially for girls, that's what locals are saying. So I was checking out the Craigslist and looking for my new home. But the thing can I go to see those places without a car...? Anyways... I had to come up with some solution.... So as my first CouchSurfing experience in Amsterdam was surprisingly great I decided to contact the local CouchSurfers. And it turned out to be the second great CouchSurfing experience. I met Matthew. A guy from nearby city - Hamilton. So we went to see 2 apartments... The first one was OK, but the second one in Hamilton .... was a gorgeous palace (sorry-place.) ( :) ).. the only thing was that it is quite far away from my work place TerraCycle 10-15 min by car (which I don't have btw). So I didn't say YES directly...but I trust my as I had a dream the next night that I already live in this apartment I called Cathie next morning and said I am taking it.
 This is Cathie, landlord of the condo I am living in. Very nice person. She took me shopping and helped to choose all my girlie nice bed clothes and everything. And wine of course :) This one FETZER is my favorite from California. I was looking for it for a long time till Cathie took me to a right place to get it.

Unfortunately I couldn't take my guitar to USA.. but you know what? It turned out that my new friend Matthew is a guitar teacher so we went to buy one instrument for me. We went to one music store and I think I am just lucky. Beyonce's Sax girl was giving a small concert there. So cool!!!
3 copy
I went to Jewish Shabbat in Philadelphia. I think I like Jewish. They share a lot. With food and their feelings. Everybody told their recent high lights and low lights. My low light was - leaving my country and beloved ones but my high light was coming to USA... so i am pretty balanced :) Also everybody brought some food and had to describe it in their way. It is hard to understand. I will try to explain it. For example I brought my masterpiece - Ilze's Apple Pie (a little burned though :)) and I would say... "This Pie is made with love and forbidden fruits - apples" or something like that... a funny made up story.
The other day me and Matthew went to a Block Party. For those who doesn't know - The Block Party is typical American neighbor party with kids when they close the end of the road and party on the street with BBQ and music.
That is Matt with his 2 students playing their favorite - Wild Thing by The Troggs. Sounded pretty cool with electric, bass and acoustic guitars.
And that's Matt playing & me singing Breakeven or Miles Away (don't really remember)

This was my first week in TerraCycle. It has been great so far. I like the work and I am absolutely in love with the office it is so unique. But I will tell you all about it when I have some pictures. You just have to see it. Oh and I have figured out my vehicle problem too. :)) Also this will be in my following blog. I will just give you the name... her name is Black Pearl. (my flat mates gave her the name) And also my flat mates ... I have to tell you about them. They are super clever IT guys (my new cousins) from India and Mexico. But they also deserve a proper blog article with some photos (which I don't have yet).

Great Deal

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On Memorial Day.

This is just a brief recap of a visit to Washington D.C. that I took on May 30th - almost a week ago. I met Dovile Sukyte and we had a fantastic time walking though the unbearable heat during the festivities on Memorial day. 


We ran into an old man who was selling old pins from the 60's and couldn't resist buying some. We were his first customers that day and he was rather happy about it too. I got the "United We Shall Overcome" from the times of the Civil Right Movement - a nice piece of history to have.


And you can't leave the city without visiting Abe. 


On being alien.


Sometimes this place does not feel at all like a foreign country. When I walk in West Little Havana I feel like I am back in Kazan', right in the middle of the Mid-Russian summer. This impression lingers on after the rain has passed and the streets smell of wet asphalt and dust. The same feeling of a huge human city sprawling under the relentless sun. The cracks in the sidewalk look terribly familiar, the little corner shops vending refreshments and other essential items, the hum of traffic in the distance are almost an exact copy with a few corrections now and then. The only things missing are the projects that line the freeway in my hometown and the elderly women selling vegetables by the roadside.

All the locals speak Spanish, or, rather, Spanish is the local language and I have to contend with my limited supply of Italian to understand the waiters. There are few signs in English; even old places, like the barber shops on Coral Way are missing the flashy advertisement that is so common elsewhere.


On the mall.

Urbem lateritiam invenit, marmoream reliquit.


On the long haul.

Travelling Miami to Washington to Chicago to Madison this and the previous week. Taking Amtrak for no other reason other than to see the country along the way, get exposed to people.