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What can your story be in the United States?

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First impressions in NYC

Being a cosmopolite, having previously studied in Germany and Sweden, and worked in United Kingdom I am on my biggest journey so far - working in New York City.

Two first months in United States have been like Olympic sprint and have passed by with the speed of light. No surprise right? I have just grabbed from every opportunity out there either in work or leisure and filled my time with new adventures.

How it all started...

With the help of friends I was lucky to found a host in New Jersey, Teaneck before arriving to US. Place is situated in a picture perfect suburban private house just 30min bus ride from busy and glamorous heart of NYC. I have large bedroom on the second floor more or less double the size I could expect in the city. The house has a 3x4m garden which is a perfect place for evening grilling. Besides two persian cats at home we are surrounded with wild squirrels, rabbits and even skunks ( luckily I haven't faced on and you all know what might happen then...).


House in Teaneck and neighbourhood.

Commuting every day according to the same pattern has introduced me to some fellows on the way - my newspaper guy, my bus driver and same people  to chat with in the bus stop. Overall ride to work is usually 1 hours being a combination of walk-bus-walk-metro-walk pattern which is not the longest comparing to colleagues :) 

Work in

I work for Gamification Corporation which is a media company organizing conferences, meetups, certificating professionals, mediating latest news, doing research and writing books related to loyalty, customer/fans/workers engagement. It's basically using games to make life and living more fun.

Check out this video about piano stairs how making something interactive and fun can change human behaviour for better...


Our office is located near Union Square park. We have settled down in our manager’s penthouse home-office. It has nice patio where we have lunch during cooler days or manager grills for us. Yes, you heard it correctly! :) Our CEO is a big fan of food and every once in awhile he has a surprise cuisine for us.



I have great co-workers who have made my settle with a smooth ride and some office pranks have worked well for that. Working in a small team gives me great opportunities to understand the business processes more clearly and contribute in larger scale.

During the time I have already gone to business trip in San Francisco where in June we organized Gamification Summit - biggest industry related conference of the year with more than 500 participants. My main duty was to gather research material for a book, which my manager is writing.
I was privileged to videotape and make interviews with more than 40 speakers who are highly credited in the industry. One person who I interviewed was Jeff Ma. He was on of the leaders in 90s MIT Blackjack Team and his character was the basis for Hollywood blockbuster movie “21” and book “Bringing down the house”.

Book research project has taken most of the work so far but besides that I am managing new website project by making analyze and design mockups. There a constant proving to the manager and over time getting more responsibility and challenges.

To be continued...


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